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Grit City Podcast 103: Polka Dot 2

Episode 103: Polka Dot Powerhouse Continues

The interview with the Polka Dot Powerhouse ladies covered a lot of great information and was split into two podcasts. This is the second half of the interview. If you haven’t heard part one, you can listed here.

This week the guys sit down with members of the Polka Dot Powerhouse sisterhood, Tacoma and Bremerton Chapters. The Polka Dot Powerhouse is a connection company that offers its members the ability to connect with “the world’s most positive, most action-forward, most amazing, top 10% doer business women.” There are two types of membership offered, Business Membership and Diamond Membership. Each offers great resources to help each member grow, like an active online community and online and in-person monthly meetings. The Tacoma chapter launched in November 2015 and meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Famous Dave’s by 72nd Street in Tacoma. The Bremerton Chapter meets the third Monday of the month at Cloverleaf Bar and Grill. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm and goes for two hours. They encourage people to attend 30 minutes beforehand to mingle with the other members. Each meeting has a presenter that offers others ways to improve their personal and professional lives. Those interested in joining can find more information on pricing and the benefits of joining a local chapter here.

The show continues where they left off last week, where they were joined by a third member of the Polka Dot Powerhouse, Cinnamon. Cinnamon tells the guys about what she does and how she got started with the Polka Dot Powerhouse. She then dives into conversation about her business that she founded, Village Keepers, an organization that helps at risk youth and adults with basic needs. She explains their current summer project, which is providing lunches every week from 12-1 pm at People Park in Tacoma. Village Keeper also hosts a community dinner every Friday from 6 – 7:30 at The Peoples Community Center.

Talk then turns to other projects the women are working on to uplift and empower women, including Sisterhood Summer Camp. They also talk about the collaboration of businesses inside Polka Dot Sisters, an example being Cinnamon working with Judi Brown from Tacoma Trophy for printing of brochures and menus for Village Keepers.

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At the halfway point, Cinnamon dives deeper into Village Keepers summer project giving kids and homeless youth in the community a place to go to and eat and enjoy music. She stressed the importance of giving kids a good home cooked meal and how her past situation has brought her to creating the company to help others in the community that are in need. She also talks about the importance of being part of a close network of women.

The show comes to an end with the ladies explaining the need for great women to open new chapters of The Polka Dot Powerhouse, and that those interested can find out more online at: Cinnamon also explains that in addition to their summer lunches, Village Keeper has plans for doing field trips this summer and their partnering with Hilltop Urban Gardens to help families learn to grown their own non GMO, organic crops, to help with food equity issues.

Thank you to the Polka Dot Powerhouse ladies that joined the guys to give listeners a look into what the sisterhood is, the benefits of joining, and the importance of giving back to the community!


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