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GCP 47: Yungg Bleeze

Episode 47 – Yungg Bleeze

This week we have a very positive and interesting conversation with Yungg Bleeze, a local upcoming Tacoma rap artist. Originally from Portland, he moved to Tacoma when he was 13. Rapping since high school, his first band was Green Gang. He still has family in Portland where he travels occasionally to visit, and is also looking to collaborate with other artists in the Portland area.

We start with a short discussion on Cannabox, a mystery box of awesome essentials and gear, delivered to your door that only costs $20. Not a sponsor, just something we love.

Conversation then turns to the music scene in Tacoma, in addition to the grunge scene in Seattle and how Tacoma is still an up and coming spot for music. Also we talk about upcoming artists marketing themselves and the amount of time they’re investing when doing so. The overall mission of Yungg Bleeze is to make money, sell music, and then take what they make and put it back into the community so it can grow.

Next we take up the discussion of businesses we’ve talked to since the podcast started and how their businesses are growing. A prime example is Odd Otter, when one of the owners first came on, the business was still in the making. Seven months later, they’re now open and going strong.

That leads into a talk on marijuana, the fastest growing industry in America and how their music surrounds it. And a small discussion of the Insane Clown Posse and the Juggalos.

We then turn to marriage and having children at a young age. He talks about has two daughters in addition to one on the way and his supportive wife that understands his overall mission and goals.

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A brief discussion then covers the two songs played at the end of the podcast, including 06 Colors. One of his songs was also recently feature on Juice Radio, where Ace played their song on her show.

We then turn the conversation to marijuana and the concerns around the laws against it across the country. We talk about suburban mothers risking going to jail for purchasing marijuana for the medical benefits for their children and how the government still sees it as harmful as drugs such as heroin.

It then turns to him serving time when he was 19 and how he has turned his life around since then. He speaks of being blessed and the fact that anything is possible, regardless of what happens in your life.

We finish out the show discussing what Yungg Bleeze has out on ITunes and what is coming up next. His EP, Approaching Consciousness, is out on ITunes and can be purchased for $.99 a song. He has a mixed tape going out this summer, watch for it to be released on DatPiff. He is also going on tour at the end of the year.

Many thanks to Yungg Bleeze for joining us on the podcast, we look forward to sitting down with you again sometime soon!!

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