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GCP 49: Rusty Returns

Episode 49 – Rusty Returns

We celebrate our first year of recording with the return of our very first guest, Rusty, a Tacoma based comic. We catch up on what has been going on for him and us since his last visit. Partnering throughout the year, Rusty also performed in our Open Mic Nights and the New Year’s Eve party we held this year at Malarkeys.

The discussion begins with the confederate flag being banned from the Dukes of Hazard and racism over all in America.

We than dive into the topic of the president with his recent interview on Marc Maron's podcast and how that has helped with popularizing podcasts in general. Also under the discussion, presidents that smoked pot and tried cocaine while in office. Followed up with talk over Obama’s classic move from high school, the roof hit.

The conversation then turns to racism and the debate of the amount of time it takes to change the mind of the generation. We tie in stereotypes and how they affect our children.

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We then talk about Rusty’s milestones from this year which include being a parent of a high school student and cutting off his beard and the new one that is emerging.

It quickly turns to a discussion on Zombie movies and how Rusty’s new look is much like the father on 28 Days Later. It then goes into deeper chat about Zombie movies, including 28 Weeks Later and other multiple ones that are available on Netflix including Zombies Down Under (don’t quote us on the title).

Talk turns to one of our earlier guests, also local Tacoma comedian, Jeff Black. A very interesting podcast, you really have to see it yourself to understand. This episode was the only interview released on YouTube.

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The topic of conversation then goes to hip hop artists including Kid and Play and other artists from the 80’s. The artists are now in their 50’s and we talk about what they’re doing now. Another comeback artist we discuss is Mc Hammer who has frequent performances at the Emerald Queen Casino.

The show winds down with a discussion of Brogans childhood and his creative costumes. In the 80’s with cosplay not being big like it is now, creativity really came into play. We also talk about bullies from high school and where they are now.

We close out the show with information on what Rusty has coming up. He is headlining Jazz Bones on August 11th. Jazz Bones hosts a HaHa Tuesday and cover is $5. Find him on FaceBook for additional information on where to find him.

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