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GCP 50: Northwest Float Center

Episode 50: Northwest Float Center


This episode we talk to Kriss Brooks and Alex Ziegler from the Northwest Float Center on 6th and Procter in Tacoma. They are Tacoma’s first Float Center. They give listeners a great explanation on what a float tank is and the benefits users can get from it.

We start out talking about what got them into floating and what got them into the business. After having issues and looking into more traditional medicine, Alex came across it in Portland via Float On, and shortly after his first float, they decided to bring it to Tacoma. Also the benefits they have seen from customers, including one person that no longer needs to walk with a cane and has quit using pain medications.

Scott talks about running a center in Twin Falls and also Good Floatations, another great place to float located in Boise Idaho.

The discussion turns to challenges they have had with setting up the business. The main challenge being with the Health Department, who they worked with to create a new category for floatation therapy in addition to new rules and regulations around float tanks. What they have done will make it easier for people in the future wanting to open centers in Pierce County.

Then we talk about their setup. They have four tanks, 3 Oasis tanks and 1 Samadhi tank. In addition, we discuss their fundamental approach to floating, they feel the first float should be completely dark and soundless so first time floaters get the full experience of floating.

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Brogan talks about anticipation of his first float while Scott and the guys talk about their first float experience. Also the health benefits which include the break down of lactic acid, decompression of your spine, you can actually come out 1 inch taller. For pregnant women, it relieves a lot of stress that is put on their back. Every float their customers have had has been a positive experience.

They have an artist program! With their artist program, artists can come in and float a couple times and then donate a painting they create after floating.

Discussion turns to the cost, 75 minute float is $68. With an hour and a half total for the time, the float includes shower, first to get rid of dirt and oils before getting in the tank and after to rinse off the salt. Customers are in the tank for 75 minutes. Located at 3907 6th Ave in Tacoma, they’re open Tuesday – Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. You can call to reserve or schedule your appointment online. They also offer membership deals that can be shared with friends. For first time floaters, they recommend 3 floats to fully understand the experience.

The show finishes out with Steve Dunkelberger, our Tacoma History guest, and his experience with floating. Also the benefits for those with fibromyalgia. Because the benefits are so high, centers around the country are offering people that suffer from it a program where they take a certain amount of floats and then document their results.

For additional information on floating, the benefits, and to schedule an appointment, find them online at: Many thanks to Alex and Kriss for coming on, we look forward to working with you again soon.

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