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GCP 52: CloneAPalooza

Episode 52: CloneAPalooza

On this episode they talk with Chris Aldridge, from the 420 smokers tour's CloneAPalooza. CloneAPalooza stops in Easton for three amazing days of camping and fun including 30 live bands, comedians, food, and craft vendors. Bands include the Northwest's best metal, rock, and hip hop. Named Weedstock 2015, this year will be the third year for the show, happening August 28th – 30th. Last year they were named Washington’s largest green friendly camping and smoking event. This year they’re hoping for over 2,000 guests.

The show starts with discussing how the idea came about three years ago. Chris was involved with a collective that helps patients growing their own plants. As their community of growers grew, a lot were in the music industry and they decided to start throwing small shows. It has grown from there. As they get bigger, they are also getting bigger names from the music industry. This year they’ve signed Haystak and Prozak, each having platinum albums.

Talk then turns to where the show is held, Easton, WA, and camping at the location. About an hour and 15 minutes from Tacoma, the campground is ½ a mile from the freeway, and there is a gas station and restaurant close by. The campground has toilets and showers, each camp spot has a private table, fire pit and garbage can. They have 60 group VIP spots, each group has their own area, a few feet from the stages. The cost runs between $200 to $250 for VIP spots. There are also general admissions, where you can pitch your tent by your car and that runs $40.

Topic then goes to vendors and additional entertainment at the event, including a laser show. The guy putting on the laser light show pumps up the show with over $10,000 in laser equipment. There will also be a variety of vendors, including The Grit City Podcast. Grit City will be recording and sharing candies from their new sponsors. Also coming up before the show, on August 15th, The 420 Smoker's tour will be in Spanaway at Sloshed At Sams. They are also welcoming vendors, if you’d like to have a table at Sloshed At Sams or CloneAPalooza, contact them here: Facebook

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The conversation then turns to the ego’s with the musicians that are preforming and trying to keep them all happy. With many being there to support to the green movement and are getting paid less, he tries make everyone a headliner. In his words, the logistics is the easy part, the hardest is managing the bands.

The show finishes out with discussion on the scheduling process. Scheduling itself has to begin the day the previous tour ends. Trying to line up artists and talent is the hardest part. They also throw around ideas for hosting their own event and live podcasting at the show.

Thank you Chris for joining us on this episode. We look forward to seeing you at CloneAPalooza next month!

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