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GCP 54: The Yes Works - Part 2

Episode 54: Yes Works Continued

This episode is the second half of the Grit City’s interview with The Yes Works team. For those that missed the first episode, listen here.

The opinions expressed in the podcast are those of the Grit City Podcast and do not necessarily reflect the view of Yes Works.

The show continues from last weeks with a fascinating look at how people can take a frustrating interaction with someone and see it as an offer and turn that offer into compassion. Scott talks about his recent ordeal with a company working on his neighbor’s yard and how it turned sour. It started with them working on his property with no forewarning to Scott and ended up breaking his water line. Instead of letting Scott know about it, Scott had to approach them and they seemed were very defensive and offered no help. It ended with the police being called out to settle the situation. The Yes Works gives their input on the situation and provides advice on how they would have applied improv principles to resolve it.

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The show continues with Brogan describing a situation that also ended badly with a local Tacoma business, Dorky’s Arcade. A life time of going to Dorky’s, Brogan ending his relationship after he and his wife got up from their table to check on their kids and they returned, the table had been bussed before they were able to enjoy their pizza. After a confrontation that ended badly with the owner, Brogan turned to Yelp to voice his frustration. The guests talk through the experience and how with compassion could have been turned around and ended with pizza being replaced instead of angry customers and an angry owner.

The conversation then turns to how to see when you are getting an offer and instead of jumping on emotion, how you can control the emotion and turn it into compassion. Because neurons that wire together stay together, people create a default way they handle frustrating situations. By using improv to increase repetition with connecting the experience to empathy, the more you can unwire the connection of the experience with anger. By practicing the process of going to empathy and humor instead of fury, the more you run into frustrating situations, the more you will default to using empathy and humor in place of anger.

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The show finishes up with discussion about the teams daily process. The day typically starts with listening to podcasts like Manager Tools and The Brutal Truth. They also spend time learning the language of the companies they are working with so their languages can match up, which helps them provide better service to their customers. The day also entails meeting with clients and putting them through improv workshops to help them connect the dots between the principles they are teaching to how they can apply them to the work they are doing. They also discuss where they provide the workshop, which is usually at the business itself.

Thanks again to the Yes Works team for sitting down with us. We look forward to having you on the show again soon! For companies that would like more information on having Yes Works work with your team, you can find them here:

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