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GCP 57: Muh Grog Zoo

Episode 57: Muh Grog Zoo

Muh Grog Zoo is Long-Form Improv Theatre, born from relying on openness, skill, and imagination to spontaneously create meaningful, impactful and moving plays. They have an upcoming event on September 4th, at the Pythian Temple in Tacoma.

The show starts with an introduction of the Muh Grog Zoo cast and their favorite thing about Tacoma the day they were interviewed. The members of the cast are Paul Richter, Adam Utley, Sam Duchin, and Dylan Twiner.

They continue the discussion talking about how long they’ve been around and where their name generated from. They’ve been working together for four years. There have been various stories told over the years as to where the name came from. The truth is, the name Muh Grog Zoo came from them each writing down a one syllable word on a piece of paper, each work was put in order of what they wrote down and it come out as Muh Grog Zoo.

Talk then turns to what they do when they’re not Zooing and Paul being a beautiful man. They also talk of the crews’ relationships and the importance of surrounding yourself with inspiring people.

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Conversation then goes to how they met. Sam and Dylan went to elementary, junior high and high school together. The friendship developed during the time of doing theater together in high school. That lead to them starting improve in high school. Adam had been doing improve in Tacoma when he reached out to Sam and Dylan during the time they were in high school. Paul joined in when he attended college and joined the improv group on campus. After Sam, Dylan, and Paul graduated, they met back up to create the group.

Discussion turns to talk about improve itself and what it’s like to perform. They also talk about the team work behind the show and team support over all. Surprising each other on stage, they feel that there is nothing they would do that would be possible to throw anyone else on the team off. With a lot of confidence in each other, a team member going off the rails is going to enhance to the story line and then energy in the room. In being able to get together to do what they want, it’s very therapeutic to do and say whatever they want to, not having to second guess what they do.

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The show winds down with discussion of how the improve show works. At the beginning, they first give a disclaimer that the show may cause a multitude of emotions and that none of them will know where it will go. They then ask a person to give them one word where they perform a 45 minute one act improvised play based on that word. They then take a break and come back and do another 45 minute act from a new word from the audience. For people that are wanting to see it live, they will be performing every Friday night at: Pythian Temple, 924 Broadway, Tacoma, Washington. Ticket Prices are $8 for one or $10 for two.

Thank you Paul, Adam, Sam, and Dylan for joining us on the podcast, we look forward to working with you again soon!!


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