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GCP 60: Apache6

Episode 50: Apache 6

Apache Six Group, LLC is a Tacoma, WA-based company that specializes in security and protection services for specific locations and individuals. Perhaps you are a business owner or an executive of a transnational corporation. Regardless of your specific situation we have professional solutions to stand up to any threat. Our personnel is made up of prior military veterans and security experts, giving us the edge over other companies and of course over the criminals who would do you financial or bodily harm.

Their company believes that force is only necessary when all other forms of strategic and tactical planning have collapsed. Depending on the threats you might face, their team will develop a specific plan to minimize the potential for a conflict. They use plain-clothed agents in conjunction with armed uniformed guards to ensure the element of surprise along with a simultaneous appearance of force. This way all criminals, from the professional to the opportunistic, will think twice before even considering a move.

With Apache Six, “We got your 6” means you are covered and do not need to look over your shoulder. Go about life and business without thinking twice. Touch base with our Tacoma, WA team, and receive 10% off for new services. – Information found on their website.


On this episode they talk with Nacho, the owner of Apache 6 security. The discussion begins with how he got into the business. After 9/11 he joined the marine corps and after serving, he worked for contracted security for the government. When he heard about the 502 initiative that passed for retail marijuana in Washington State, he saw the need for security in the industry. His company provides security to businesses in Seattle and Tacoma, including marijuana distributors. Most of his employees are veterans that are coming out of the military looking for work in security.

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Conversations continues discussing of the need for their type of work in the marijuana industry. On the medical side, because companies are frequently getting robbed since they don’t have to have security measures in place, they offer service to help cut down on the crime. On the recreational side, companies are required to have certain security measures, including alarm systems and IP based security cameras, their service adds additional security on top of the other systems in place. In addition to providing security to sellers, they also offer security to growers and are also offering some transportation security.

Talk continues with discussion about their service offered during transporting of the product. On the medical side, third parties are not allowed to transport marijuana, so they provide service by following the transport vehicles during deliveries. With retail, the law does allow third parties to do the transport, the company is currently working on expanding the business to offer transport service also.

Discussion turns to other companies that are showing up in Washington, including one in Spokane. They also discuss more in depth how they are providing veterans with the ability to get into the industry to put their skills to work. Also, they talk about insurance that is provided to businesses in the marijuana industry that covers when their product is stolen. Currently, there are only two insurance companies that he knows of that offers this type of insurance. With limited insurance offered to companies, its even more importance for the companies to have security service like Nacho’s in place.

Chat then goes to how they came up with the name Apache 6 and the design of their logo. They also talk how the company has expanded into providing service to entertainers, locally and outside of Washington.

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The show winds down with discussion on how business is going for them. With retail businesses for pot popping up all over Western Washington, their business is expanding quickly. People can find out more about them at: Also people that are interested in working for them can e-mail them at: They also discuss using guard dogs in their business. As opportunities for transporting come up, they are using alternatives to carrying weapons and still provide protection. One way is by using K9 handlers and guard dogs. They also discuss some of their biggest challenges, which includes people that work for them deciding to leave the company and setting up competition.

 They finish up the show talking about the strict laws with 502 has on requiring a valid ID for customers. Companies can be charged with a felony for selling to someone under the age of 21. They discuss the inability to transport out of state and the limitations that has on the retail market. Also they talk about how 502 makes it harder for inside employees to steal from the retail companies.

Thanks Nacho for coming on the podcast. The team looks forward to working with you again soon!


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