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GCP 61: Tommy, Luke, and Shelby

Episode 61: Tommy, Shelby and Luke

On this episode the guys talk with local Tacoma comedians, Tommy Johnson, Shelby Dodson, and Luke Severeid. Luke starts the conversation off discussing what he’s been up to. Then Tommy discusses being a relatively new comedian, only tossing jokes for the last year. They also talk to Shelby about his new venue, Comedy Night, coming up on Oct, 1st, at The Royal Bear Tavern, located on West Valley Highway and his belly tattoo.

Talk then turns to the discussion of Brogan and using his new metal detector at the beach. He talks of the treasures he has found and what a great source of exercise metal detecting can be. They also talk about panning gold.

Conversation then goes deeper into Shelby’s upcoming show, Comedy Night at The Royal Bear. The show starts at 7:30 on the 1st. Tommy, Luke, and Shelby will be there with the headliner Jr Stewart. Jr Stewart is a comedian from Tacoma that is known for being a regular guest on Howard Stern, one of the original members of the comedy troupe “The Killers of Comedy”, and writer for several TV shows and roasts, including The Next Best Thing. The show is free to get in and there will be deals on food and drinks.

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They then touch on how much the comedians’ performances have grown in the last year. They also talk about what it takes to make food non-kosher and the cost for a rabbi to come in and classify food as so. It then turns to discussing using the N word as a comedian and on the podcast, in addition to other words comedians can and can’t say. They also talk about words they don’t use at all in their show and how the turn to seriousness in the second half.

The show winds down talking about turning around a room where everyone is against the comedian and making it a successful show. Also, Tommy dives deeper into the discussion of the use of words and language in a set. In the effort to make the crowd laugh, he never wants to make them question themselves.

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It finishes out discussing what else is coming up for them. On October 4th, Luke is headlining a comedy show at New Slippery Pig Brewing Company in Poulsbo. Other comedians will be: Keven Wendell and Shelby. They also discuss hecklers and how they handle them when the hecklers decide to join the show.

Thanks Tommy, Shelby and Luke for coming on the podcast.  The guys hope to have you on again soon!



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