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GCP 62: Tacoma Ghost Tours

Episode 62: Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours

In this week's episode Brogan and Scott talk to Andrew from

The show starts off discussing Halloween and couples that dress up together. They also talk about Brogans birthday that falls on November 2nd. This year his party will be celebrated at the Acme Theater with his Broast on November 7th.

The discussion turns to how Tacoma Ghost Tours got it's start. The idea started in 2005, for a fundraiser for the Tacoma Art School, Andrew's father did a Tacoma’s Forgotten Disasters Tour. After researching disasters, his dad discovered many stores of ghosts in relation to the disasters in the area. After Andrew graduated in 2010, his dad approached him about starting the business. They talk of how and where they get the ghost stories from, for example: the story behind the haunted Forum Bar and Grill. Pictures of the basement there and more information can be found on their FaceBook page.

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They then talk about Tacoma and the downtown section that was full of junkies and prostitutes in the 70’s through the 90’s and the amazing job that the city has done to clean it up in the last 15 years. Brogan discusses his car being stolen on Christmas night. They also converse about each of their personal ghost experiences.

Conversation then turns to how the tours work. They offer two tours, one downtown and one in the Stadium District. For the downtown tour, they meet people at Brandy's Attic then take them out for a 90 minute walk downtown. For the Stadium District tour, they start at Kings Books, again going on a 90 minute tour. It includes going to various locations, providing customers food for thought with a mixture of ghost stories and historical facts. He explains how they make it clear that they’re not trying to say ghosts are real, they’re just taking what people are saying and combing it with fact and letting tourist decide for themselves.

Discussion then goes to the history of the older buildings in Tacoma, including Sanford and Son Antiques being a hot spot for ghost stories and old Chinese artifacts. They also talk about Tacoma’s large Chinese population in the 1800’s, their episode with Steve about the Shanghai Tunnels, and the president of China’s recent visit to Tacoma and Seattle.

Chat continues with the topic staying on China, the importance of their president’s visit, their human rights violations, and also the Dali Lama. They also discuss Tibet, monks, and the amazing training they go through. Scott mentions a great book about how monks train: American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China

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The show winds down discussing some of the oldest haunted places in Tacoma. Andrew explains that Pacific Ave from the old City Hall building to the Union Pacific building is lined with tons of ghost stories. The old City Hall itself is the most haunted building in Tacoma, having reports of ghost spottings since it opened in 1895. They also talk about Andrew and his dad teaming with local ghost hunter groups.

The show finishes out talking about Harry Morgan and the days and times of the show tours.

Thanks Andrew for coming on the podcast and sharing your story!


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