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GCP 63: Pierce County Asylum

 Episode 63: Pierce County Asylum and The Haunted Hollow

On this episode they talk to Dr. Dementia from the Pierce County Asylum Haunted House and Paul Marshall from the Haunted Hollow Halloween Store in Everett. The show starts out talking to Paul about a Halloween store he opened in Everett in 2008. They discuss how the store was setup, and the coffin simulation ride they had called The Last Ride. In The Last Ride, people could experience what it was like to be buried. The shop is not open at this time and currently the Last Ride is used in a haunting set as a fixed prop.

Conversation then turns to the Pierce County Asylum and Brogans experience there. Dr. Dementia discusses how he got involved with the asylum. The asylum is located in the basement of Freight House Square at 430 E 25th St in Tacoma. Not only do they offer Halloween tours, they have different showings four times a year. Around Valentines Day they offer a murder mystery scavenger hunt for their guests. They also have a haunting setup in July and a Zombie walk in August. They then talk about the charity that is involved with the asylum, the Pandamanda Foundation, a foundation the provides family and loved ones the comforts in a home away from home while receiving treatments for Cystic Fibrosis.

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Talk then turns to Paul and what he’s been doing since relocating to the Tacoma area. He currently operates Haunted Hallow, also at Freight House Square, with plans to expand the event into multiple locations. He has also done larger events, including helping out at a renaissance fair in southern California and running a Zombie paintball event in the Marysville area. He dives further into the paintball event, where they took a short bus and turned it into an “urban assault vehicle” with paint guns mounted where windows used to be. They drove people through a set where guests shot paint balls at actors dressed as zombies. He also chats about the tremendous amount of work that goes behind putting something like a zombie paintball event together.

Chat then turns to the possible people Paul could partner with to setup another zombie paintball event in a more permanent place. He’d like to get a location where he could build a “village”, offering other options in addition to paintball. It would include classes like: how to build your own solar panels, water filtration, survival skills etc. They also talk about a post-apocalyptic live action role playing event in the peninsula, and the asylum participating in Crypticon.

The show winds down discussing how the majority of local haunted houses are owned by non for profit companies. The Haunted Hallow is the only one located in Tacoma that is a privately owned haunted house. They also discuss TV shows like the Ghost Hunters and how Freight House Square itself is haunted. Those interested in hauntings around Tacoma, tune into Episode 62 with Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours.

They finish out discussing how Pierce County Asylum Haunted House and The Haunted Hallow advertise. Both can be found on FaceBook and are both located in the Freight House Square.

Thanks Dr. Dementia and Paul for joining the show! We look forward to our visit to both haunted houses!


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Pierce County Asylum Website

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Haunted Hollow Online


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