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GCP 68: Tacoma Floats!

Episode 68: Tacoma Floats!

On location from Northwest Float Center

This week Scott and Brogan talk to winners of the Northwest Float Center float giveaway that happened in October. Celebrating their 2nd year, Northwest Float Center is located in Tacoma at 3907 6th Ave. Each winner sat down with Scott and Brogan before and after the float to talk about what they were expecting before they got in the tank and give their review of the float afterward.

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They start the podcast talking with the three winners of the contest and what interests them about floating. First is Jesse Goodrum, the studio manager of Mountain House Recordings. Next is John, recently retired from the Army, who sees floating as being a mini vacation without the problems of boarding or deplaning. Lastly, they talk to Conan, owner of Conan's Drain Cleaning, who is a veteran floater and has been involved with Northwest Float Center since they opened.

The podcast goes into deeper discussion with each floater about their expectations from the float. Each reviewed what they hope to gain from floating. From decompressing, mediation, and sorting through the visual To Do list, each floater had their own expectations before getting in. In addition to the new floaters, they had a chance to talk with veteran floater Jennifer after she got out of the tank and her benefits from the float that day. A busy woman, including being the owner of McManus Tax and Book Keeping in Gig Harbor, she uses the tank for a therapeutic relief from the busyness of life. She also talks about the physical benefits she gets from floating.

The show winds down talking with Jesse after his first float, which he expresses got better towards the end. In the beginning he found it hard to relax and let go. One of the coolest parts he found was feeling like he was in a huge body of water instead of the 8’ x 5’ tank. He also expressed the need for a few more floats to get used to letting go.

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The show finishes up talking to John and Conan about their review on their float. Each remarked on the benefit of floating and the importance of sharing it with outers. Thanks Northwest Float Center for working with Grit City Podcast to share floating with their listeners!


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