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GCP 69: Have Not Films

Episode 69: Have Not Films

This week Scott and Brogan talk with Erik Bernard and Sean Burke from Have Not Films. After meeting at Million Cups, they decided to have them on the show. The show starts off talking about how Erik, a script writer from New York and Sean, a producer met through social media. Their company is working on bringing more work for the film industry here to Tacoma.

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The show starts off looking into why film production for Tacoma is a great idea, including the benefit of being close to Seattle and Portland. The area is already equipped with the gear, lighting, cameras, and electrical needs for film making, and with LA so close, specialty gear can easily be brought into Washington. They also talk about the types of jobs that would be created in the area with film production including caterers, extras, and even using local off duty police officers. They also talk about what is needed from the city to show the rest of the state politicians why offering a tax incentive for film production is important here. Currently Washington offers a 30% tax cut up to 3 million dollars for film production. Like other states, they’re hoping for Washington to increase the limit so bigger films can come to the area.

Next discussion goes to the rise of independent films and the importance of talking to local colleges about increasing the type of classes and degrees they offer around film production. In addition to talking with local colleges, they are also planning on talking to local students about getting involved in film production. The discussion also covers the expansion of Netflix into Europe and also Netflix making more deals with independent film makers.

Talk then turns to local theaters in the area and the importance of specialty amenities that help bring movie watchers in, like deluxe seating and serving alcohol. Places like the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor and the AMC Theater in Lakewood are doing just that. They also discuss movies that have made an impression on their lives, ones that relate directly to them, and the movie greats that they would watch over and over again.

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The show winds down talking about what local residents can do to get behind bringing film projects to Tacoma. Upcoming 2016 or 2017 there will be a new tax incentive plan where voters can voice their opinion about offering better tax incentives for film makers. They are also looking for local investors to support their current work on short films in the area. And they are always looking for people to spread the word around Tacoma so others are aware of what they are trying to do for the area. For those wanting to get involved, they’re online at Follow them for updates on films they are shooting and where.

The podcast ends talking about the things that are holding Tacoma back from bringing film production to the area. The two main things are lack of general knowledge by the residents about the incentive and politicians coming on board with offering better tax cuts. Thanks Erik and Sean for joining Scott and Brogan for a very interesting show!


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