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GCP 71: MountainHouse Productions

 Episode 71: MountainHouse Productions

On this episode, Scott and Brogan talk to Jesse Goodrum and Andrew Nalty from MountainHouse Production, an all-encompassing production group that inhabits Sound West Recording Studio in Tacoma. They offer song writing, vocal coaching, and anything else that helps an artist grow. They themselves are in a band, Jesse himself is in two. The show starts off talking about how they got together and started the company.

Talk then turns to their productions on YouTube, The Cave Sessions and Reel Takes. With Cave Sessions they record performances of bands from the northwest and Real Takes are one take recordings of single songs. They also discuss great places around Tacoma to get coffee, everyone’s favorite being Valhalla Coffee and great presents they’ve gotten as wedding gifts.

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Conversation continues talking about what they’re doing outside of the studio. This year they’re putting together performances for one of the stages at First Night Tacoma. Celebrating New Years, the show starts at 6:30 pm in Downtown Tacoma. You can buy tickets here. They also dive deeper into how MountainHouse TV got started. Accredited solely to Jesse, it got stared with a project he had at Bates Technical School for his production class. After their first recording they realized it was something they wanted to do more of, so they teamed with Hunter at Last Minute Video Production to bring the idea to life.

The show winds down discussing Cave Sessions being in hiatus for now and other projects they’re working on. Things like podcasting with Patrick Galactic where he interviewed artists after recording with MHP. Also in the works is a late night talk show. The guys stressed the importance of staying with recording music but also expanding into other areas with their business.

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The episode ends with discussion on places they grew up and different treasures the guys found when walking the streets as kids. They also talk about Dad Rock, Pusswhip Banggang, Baby Metal, and cover bands. For people wanting more information on MountainHouse or artists interested in performing, go to:

Thanks Jesse and Andrew for joining Scott and Brogan on the podcast. They look forward to working with you guys again soon!


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