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GCP 72: Biff's Blue Ribbon BBQ Sauce

Episode 72: Biff’s Blue Ribbon BBQ Sauce

On this episode, Scott and Brogan talk to Biff, maker of Biff’s Blue Ribbon BBQ Sauce. Biff spent 40 years in broadcasting and worked at King Television for 25 years. His sauce is a naturally hand crafted small batch product that don’t use high fructose corn syrup, and they don’t add any preservatives. It’s made by hand by three people locally in Puyallup. For those wanting to try it, you can find it at QFC and the local Tacoma Boys Stores.

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They continue the conversation talking about eating local and his local food connections. He works with stores like Fred Meyers that are bringing in local produce because consumers are pushing for produce that is grown locally. They also talk about the importance of shopping at local places like Blue Max Meats, great local butchers in Puyallup ran by a great team. People can also find Biffs Blue Ribbon BBQ Sauce at Blue Max Meats.

Talk then turns to people wanting to go back to knowing where their food comes from and the importance of feeding local families. They also talk about Biffs childhood, with his dad in the Airforce, after moving around when younger, his family settled in this area when he was in 6th grade. They also talk about how he got his business started after first making the sauce and getting it into the stores.

The show winds down talking about where they make the sauce and how they manage inventory in local stores through the community. They also dive deeper into how he got started in Broadcasting and where it took him over the course of 40 years.

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The show ends with Biff talking about actors that he’s met, ones that were great to talk to and ones that are so great. He also talks about his experience running the camera for rock concerts and artists he’s worked with. Thanks Biff for joining Scott and Brogan on the show!


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