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GCP 73: Spaceworks Tacoma

Episode 73: Spaceworks Tacoma

This week Scott and Brogan talk with Gabriel Brown from Spaceworks Creative Enterprise Program. Gabriel is Spaceworks Tacoma's Marketing and Artscapes Coordinator. Spaceworks Tacoma was started in 2010 as a joint initiative with the City of Tacoma and the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce. It was designed to activate empty storefronts and vacant spaces in Tacoma with art and creative enterprise.

The show kicks off with Gabriel discussing how he got involved with Spaceworks. He is a visual and sculpture artist and also street performer. Originally from Spokane, he moved to Tacoma five years ago. He became involved with Spaceworks when he first got to Tacoma and applied to do an installation in the Woolworth Windows.

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Conversation continues with Gabriel discussing how Spaceworks got started. Originally helping artists, they expanded into helping local businesses get into the vacant spaces in Tacoma. Businesses that apply to Spaceworks go through a small business training class to put their business model together. They also assist businesses in working with property owners of vacant spaces to help negotiate discounted rent. For businesses they are unable to help, they direct them to outside resources in the area such as SCORE.

The show winds down conversing about businesses that Spaceworks has helped throughout Tacoma. Places like The Blue Octopus in North Tacoma, Modern Cottage Company in Old Town, and Arts and Crafts Press in South Tacoma are just a few of the companies they have worked with.

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The show ends covering how people can learn more about Spaceworks and how they can sign up. He encourages those wanting to show art to just apply and not worry too much about putting anything together. For those that want to start a business, he encourages them to first look at businesses they have helped get started to see if they would fit with Spaceworks. Thanks Gabriel for joining Scott and Brogan on the podcast!

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