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GCP 84: Levi Lyon and Grizzly

 Episode 84: Levi Lyon and Grizzly

On this episode the guys talk to Levi Lyon and his friend Mr. Grizzly from Lyons Pride Music. In addition to Lions Pride in Tacoma, they’re are working on opening a non-profit center for youth in Tacoma, The Den Alternative Center.

The show begins with conversation about great hit sodas like Ok, Surge, Jolt and RC. Ok soda had a short life span in the 90’s with the cans that had positive sayings on them and Surge was another hit drink from the 90’s. (For those wanting to try Surge, you can find Surge flavored slushies at some 711’s.) They then dive into how the guys met Levi last year at his Hemp Fest try outs.

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Levi continues the show discussing Lions Pride and what they do. He explains their business’s passion for music with a focus on artist development, touring, booking, and helping artists with progressing in their musical career. They also help matching artists with festival tours and marketing. The company started out small booking local bands and has grown into putting bids at event places like the White River Amphitheater. They have been in business together for 11 years.

Next they turn to places they have partnered with like Green River Community College and Jazzbones. At GRCC, they join with them yearly where they hold classes on producing shows. With Jazzbones, this year Hemp Fest Try Outs will be held there from March 9th, through June every Wednesday. They also talk their phone apps including The Lion Pride Music app, providing a concert calendar, links to the limo busses and where they’ll be going, and LPMTV app that lets users view their live broadcasting and re-live concerts they’ve had in the past. You can find both apps at their websites: and

At the half way mark in the podcast, Levi chat’s about the next phase of their business, the give back phase. Levi explains after being in business for 17 years, they feel the next step is to open The Den Alternative Center, a nonprofit business in Tacoma. The plan with the center is to offer nontraditional careers like music, photography, recording, sound mixing, and production to Tacoma’s youth. Levi also describes that in addition to learning, they will also have an indoor skate park and how important it is to them to give back to the community.

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The show ends with the guys talking about upcoming events and both groups teaming up to work together in future events. Levi talks about their average of 100 concerts that they are involved in each year, this year including The Hemp Fest Tour in Vegas, and the White River Amphitheater which will include: Joan Jett, Heart, and Journey.

Thanks Levi and Mr. Grizzly for joining them on the show. They’re excited to be working with you in the future!


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