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Grit City Podcast Ep. 86: Boe Blast

Episode 86: BoeBlast

This week the guys talk to the hilarious local Tacoma comedian, BoeBlast. Boe started doing comedy when he was 15. After taking some time off, he returned to the scene 4 years ago. He recently performed at The Acme Tavern for the Grity City Podcast show, and you can see him every Tuesday where he hosts HaHa Tuesday at Jazzbones.

The show kicks off with Boe talking about him starting as a comedian when he was 15. He talks about working with a family friend producer that, due to his age and not being able to see the show live, would let him go backstage at the shows and watch the comedians perform. He also reminisces about performing at the Grit City Comedy Club and they chat about the potential of making a comedy Uber show, something like Cash Cab or Taxicab Confessions.

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Talk continues with discussion on the decision of one of the hosts to send his son to Lincoln High which he was surprised to find was really a great school that allowed his son to continue to excel in education in addition to athletics. Boe then turns to how he got started in his career as a barber. He also talks about where he works, Good Fella’s Barber Shop, the great influence he has had from other barbers and the great stories he has considered bringing to his comedy act.

The guys then chat about the recent discussions on putting a gas-to-methanol plant in Tacoma and the response from locals in the area. Currently on hold, they express the concern from the community to put the plant in place based on the cost and amount of water the plant would potentially use. Also noted is the recommendation to watch the 30 for 30 show.

The show winds down with Boe talking about the stories he tells onstage and the importance to perform them unscripted. Basing his comedy around topics, he finds it easy to discuss stories in his life and the humor he finds in them after viewing the experience from the outside. He also talks about the hopes for one day being a great writer.

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This episode comes to a close talking about Boe’s continual strive to improve in every area, including social media. He also explains where the name BoeBlast came from, where fans can find him online, and his new DVD that is coming out soon.

Thanks Boe for joining the guys on the podcast, we look forward to sitting down with you again soon!



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