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Grit City Podcast Episode 88: Amani Taylor

Episode 88: Amani Taylor

This week, the guys sit down with Amani Taylor, a Seattle born and raised comedian. He hosts a weakly open mic comedy show with his brother, James Taylor, at The Local 907. He also co-hosts the podcast, Hoppy Hour, where comedians sit down with local Pacific Northwest brewers. He’s been performing comedy for the last 3 ½ years, including his performance at the Acme Tavern in February at GCP’s comedy show. He also is a video game tester with a company in Seattle.

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The show starts off with Amani talking about starting out in comedy. They discuss local comedians getting their start in Seattle and moving on to bigger and greater things. Amani also gives props to the great comedian fans in the Seattle area. He then talks about his friend and comedian Dylan Avila’s attack on stage last year at The Local 907 and the great response from his friends as they banned together to help save his life after it happened.

The talk then turns to Amani’s career as a game tester and working in private security. He describes his crazy daily schedule when first getting into comedy where after his day job, he would do comedy, then finish up doing security. Amani also explains how he got into gaming and the team he works with.

The guys turn the conversation to gambling and UFC fighters, including women fighters and ones that can, and can’t, roll with dreadlocks. The Malarkey's waitress also stops in to drop off drinks and the guys throw out props to the great place where they record. They then continue with talk about UFC fighters that are from the Pacific Northwest.

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The show comes to an end with the guys analyzing film stars including Brad Pitt and producers like Quentin Tarantino. Each of the guys express their favorite movies produces by Quentin Tarantino and what they feel is the downfall to many of the ones he produces. Amani performs every Monday at The Local 907, he’s doing the Dope Show with Tyler Smith, and will be at Comedy on Trial on April 30th.

Thanks Amani for joining the guys on the podcast for an in depth, fun, and interesting conversation!


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