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Grit City Podcast 97: Poyeho Project 2

Episode 97: Poyeho Project 2

On this episode, the guys sit back down with Dave Robbs of the Poyeho Project to discuss what he’s been up to since he last joined the guys on the podcast. (For those that haven’t had a chance to listen to his previous episode, you can find it here.) Poyeho Project is a business development program that provides business skills and tools to the indigenous peoples of southern Africa. They are committed to establishing long-term, viable businesses that will grow and provide employment to individuals in numerous communities of southern Africa.

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The show kicks off with Dave talking about what the Poyeho Project is and when it was founded. He explains their “empowerment” system, where they help people make their dreams come true and the purpose of helping people provide for themselves versus just giving them money. They also talk about the importance of people having mentors, both in America and around the world.

Dave then dives into one of their existing projects in Malawi, one of the five poorest nations in the world, which is to help the gentleman that runs NSFHO, own a herd of 50 beef cattle. He talks about the process of helping him get started with one goat with the goal of year 6 selling the offspring of his goat herd to purchase cattle and how they’ve almost reached that goal 2 years ahead of time. He also talks about helping him expand his business to 130 acers in Malawi at the cost of only $1,000.

At the halfway mark, Dave tells the guys about his previous trips to Africa and, contrary to popular beliefs on traveling to Africa, how he has never felt unsafe there. He goes further and tells a story about walking around the back roads between the villages when two teen girls stopped in amazement when they spotted him wondering where he came from. He explains that though locals have seen tourists and other Americans drive through their community, they typically don’t see people of American descent walking from one town to the other.

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Conversation then goes to new things that have been happening, including Dave’s dream of creating a school to train indigenous people in Africa. He talks about currently offering written lessons to four students and the expense for online services in Malawi. He also talks about launching High 5 for African Business to solve the issue with the lack of separate micro-lending institutions in African countries. (People interested can donate as little as $5 a month to help out by going here.)

The show comes to a close with Dave talking about the plans for his next trip to Africa and him teaming up with a person from London that is interested in being a business consultant. For those interested and would like more information, you can find him online at:,, and

Thanks Dave for joining the guys to catch up on the projects you have going on and to share your exciting plans for the future of the Poyeho Project. They look forward to catching up again soon! Also, special thanks to the security staff at O’Malleys for the love!


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