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GCP 58: Spenser O'Neill

Episode 57: Spenser O’Neill

Spenser O’Neill is a Seattle comedian and host of the podcast Elephant Crossing. Spenser was the featured comedian at Grit City's most recent comedy show at the Acme Tavern. The podcast hosts a comedy show there the 3rd Thursday of every month.

The show starts off talking with Spenser about being a YouTube sensation and their previous interview with the very interesting comedian, Jeff Black that was posted on YouTube. (You can find Jeff’s interview on YouTube here: Jeff Black).

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Discussion turns to comics using vulgarity in their act and the response they receive from the audience. Spenser expresses that at times the reaction also differs depending on the region he is in. For instance one joke told in Seattle and Olympia may get a difference response from the guests there then the guests in Tacoma. Also, they talk about the response from the audience and how it sometimes carries over to heated debates on FaceBook and other social media outlets.

Talk then shifts to where Spenser is from, Anchorage, Alaska, and how different it is from Seattle. Born and raised in Alaska, he lived there the first 21 years of his life. Now 26, he lives in Seattle. After going to the Seattle Art Institute he returned to Alaska and did a few video jobs there. After being laid off, he moved back to Seattle and started performing comedy in 2012. He also talks about the interesting experience he had when moving from Alaska.

Conversation moves to the Elephant Crossing podcast that he co-hosts. The show involves interviews, reading news stories, playing various games, and reading from a book Brian, the co-host, wrote when he was younger. Previous guests on the show include a hypnotist and a juggler. You can watch short clips from there podcast on Instagram. He also talks about scheduling guests and other podcasts he listens to, including: YKWD, Tuesdays with Stories, Skeptic Tank, and The Joe Rogan Podcast.

The show starts winding down with talk of the world coming to an end in 30 days. They talk about receiving the news from a friend of the world coming to an end and what they would do if the rapture did indeed happen. They also discuss religion and the theory of what happens when you pass on.

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The show ends with discussing politics and legalizing drugs. It includes talk about the front runners of the Republican and Democrat parties and the hope that Donald Trump will win in 2016. They also discuss the idea that republicans will win the election in 2016 based on historic re-election patters.

Thanks Spenser for joining us on this week’s podcast!! Listeners can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He’ll also be at the Comedy Underground on September 24th and 25th.


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