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Boot 2 Boot - Flying Boots and Wings to Rhein Haus

Boot 2 Boot - Flying Boots and Wings to Rhein Haus

Boot 2 Boot

Flying Boots & Wings to Rhein Haus

The Grit City Podcast is going to scoot scoot for the Boot to Boot! The gang will be partying at the Flying Boots & Wings on 38th starting at 1pm. From there they will travel the streets on Lime scooters while making stops at other bars along the way with the final destination being the Rhein Haus where they will celebrate with boots full of beer!

We expect to arrive at these locations at approximately these times:

1pm - Flying Boots & Wings

2:15-2:30pm - The Camp Bar

  • Official Supporter of The Boot 2 Boot and where adults and drinkers go to Camp!

3:45-4pm - The Hub

5:15-5:30pm - Rhein Haus Tacoma

Total route is about 3 miles. Feel free to bring any legal mode of transportation you would like. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, walking, UBER, skipping and/or running are all acceptable.
This is a casual get together. As such, we're not responsible for injuries incurred while this is happening!
If you plan on scooting, get a helmet! Be safe and sane when having fun!

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The Boot 2 Boot Route

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