Episode 1

Return of The Grit City Podcast (and Rusty)!


February 5th, 2018

59 mins 8 secs

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The Return with Rusty

They’re back!!!

After taking some time to re-coop the guys are back and better than ever! This season they’re also joined by Justin, the newest member of the podcast!!

They kick off this season with none other than comedian Rusty who has been with them from the start. He first joined them on episode 1 then came back on episode 49!! The show kicks off with an introduction of Justin and how Brogan, Justin, and Rusty first met 20'ish years ago. They reminisce about Norwescon and the great debate on what play Justin and Brogan were in when they were still in school. Brogan also introduces his sister to the show with a quick call to confirm what play the guys were in together, which turned out to be The Hobbit. They also discussed their beards, skinny jeans, and what else they’ve been up to during their break.

16:43 – Rusty talks about his podcast Rated 80’s and his new dating life. They discuss roommate arguments over cat videos posted online then dive into their fascination with drones. A quick turn to men getting pedicures with their significant others, fish pedicures, and back to drones. Talk then dives deeper into different types of drones on the market including ones that can go as far as Tacoma to Port Angeles.

At the halfway mark, discussion goes to suspended reality and the appreciation of production value of videos online. They talk about childhood scavenging for adult magazines and after a quick drink break, Rusty dives into his 17 year comedy career and his last show at The Airport Lounge in Tacoma. He then discusses how he got into comedy.

47:24 – Rusty talks about the ups and downs of performing then they discuss comedy in Tacoma and how it’s changed over the years from a violent place to live to a place with good food and entertainment. There is also a small debate over whether the Tacoma park is known as ‘Wright’ or ‘Wrights’ Park, which a Google search sided with those that pronounced it as ‘Wright’ Park.The show comes to an end with chat about ‘Gorilla’ Comedy where comedians hijack karaoke by paying the karaoke DJ $5 for a song and then try see how long they can drag out the performance before the DJ shuts them down. Rusty tells the team where they can find him online and the guys give a shout out to Wizards Keep Games in Renton.

Thanks Rusty for joining the guys on their returning show!!!

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