Episode 10

Fear and Loathing at Norwescon - Part 1


April 9th, 2018

1 hr 12 mins 16 secs

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This episode is part 1 of the Fear and Loathing at Norwescon 41 with their friends Rusty and Calvin. Norwescon is a sci-fi convention that promotes “science fiction, fantasy, and science through the written word, art, and educational programs, such as the holding of a yearly convention where the public is provided with the opportunity to hear noted writers, scientists, and educators speak on various aspects of the fields of science fiction, fantasy and science and to participate in discussions, displays, and lectures involving these fields.” (From the Norwescon website.)

The show kicks off with the guys talking about how long they’ve been attending the convention. Calvin tells about going since age 18 and Scott talks about also volunteering at the convention. Discussion then goes to QR codes and the different ways people are using them with marketing. Brogan then shares that he’s been going to the con for 22 years and Rusty a total of 20.

14:28 – The guys discuss the different types of panels that are offered at the convention in addition to the activity workshops that include sward and shield fighting and glass fusing. Brogan covers what the average cost is for attending and getting a hotel room for the weekend. He then dives into how important attending the convention over the years has been for him and they then cover Dr. Ricky, a previous guest on the podcast that has participated in Norwescon panels in the past.

27:23 – Scott talks about being a part of the convention staff and what happens during the monthly planning meetings. They then discuss where Rusty disappeared to and Brogan then turns the conversation to his favorite memories about the con. Talk then goes to the art room where people can bid on art submitted to the convention, parties during the early years of the convention, and how they have changed over the years with LCB rules that mandate how parties can be held.

45:15 – Justin and Scott talk about visiting Camp Bar in Tacoma on Saint Patrick’s Day and doing s’mores at their table. They reminisce about other things they did there before it became Camp Bar, including many comedy shows, watching Justin on Wheel of Fortune, and the roasting of Brogan on his birthday. Rusty also returns and they chat about how much each of them have had to drink so far that day.

Fear and Loathing 1 comes to an end with Rusty talking about the interesting conversations he’s had with people at the convention, including a lady explaining to him how a house cat could beat him in a fight and people that believe in ferries. Brogan talks about the earlier days with vampires in the masquerade and the time him and his sister signing up for the slave auction.

Stay tuned for Fear and Loathing 2 coming soon!! Thanks Rusty and Calvin for joining the guys for a great Norwescon 41 conversation!

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  • Volunteers | Norwescon — Norwescon is run entirely by volunteers. Each year, over 250 people generously give of their time in order to make Norwescon the best it can be for its members and participants. Volunteers are the backbone of the convention, from those of us who donate our time year round to those of you who lend a much needed helping hand for a couple of hours at the convention. Whether that is watching the doors at the Masquerade, helping out at the Registration Desk, or manning the Cloak Closet, we need that help.