Episode 111

GCP's Big Doin's


March 16th, 2020

1 hr 7 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

This time Scott, Brogan, and Justin get together to talk about what’s been going on, GCP’s upcoming plans, and Called Shots.

01:38 – Brogan talks about being home with the kids during mid-winter break, the guys share their favorite stripper names, and Justin shares how listeners can get a hold of them. He gives a shout out to those who have left reviews of the show, they talk about their plans for new t-shirt colors and designs, and Justin gives props to GCP’s photographer and friend Mandy. Brogan talks about his plans for his next business that will be coming soon, him and Justin talk about their early drinking days, and the drinks that were at the top of their list. Brogan talks about his Taste Test Quest, how Yakima is the biggest producer of hops in the world, and Scott shares information on what the Washington Beer Passport is.

17:16 – Brogan talks about how great Stitch Fix is, they discuss keeping the balance between online shopping and supporting local businesses, and their plans to record at Brogans new shop. They create a plan to make GCP bottle heads, Justin shares this years Boot to Boot Two plan, and Justin and Brogan share their past strip club visits. They reflect on last years Boot to Boot, encourage those that would like to join this years B2B to reach out to be added to the list, and Scott maps out their potential B2B path.

32:05 – They share their appreciation for their videographer Jeff that has recently taken a break from the podcast, Justin suggests they do a GCP on the road, and where the idea came from. They plan on doing a trip to New Orleans, Scott talks about camper vans, and Justin reflects on his and Brogans road trip to Las Vegas 16 years ago. They all decide GCPRT is officially a non-wife trip, how many days they plan to go, and what the first trips route will be. The plan expands with talk on them first going to the Star Wars Store, by Kurk Cobains old House and Artic Tavern then stopping off at a Portland strip club. They then sort out the remaining of the trip, with plans to hitting up Corvallis, and then stop off in Yakima and Ellensburg before coming home.

48:36 – Scott talks about where he got the pizza they were enjoying, they discuss their favorite road trip foods, and Brogan shares what he flavors Cheez-It’s with before smoking them. He talks about how it’s been with his puppy and Scott mentions the video of the dog that learned to speak to it’s owner using a custom soundboard for it to speak with them. The topic turns to Called Shots, Brogan gives a shout out to Uncle Eddies, Justin gives his shout out to Takos Koreanos, and Scott shares his shout out to Paseo SODO in Seattle.

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Episode Links

  • Washington Beer — Washington beer is hand-crafted by brewers with a passion for innovation, using the finest local ingredients. With a focus on quality and a thirst for fun, Washington brewers are creating some of the best beer on the planet.
  • Bale Breaker Brewing Company — Surrounded on three sides by a field of Cascade hops in the heart of our nation’s hop country, Bale Breaker Brewing Company has emerged as one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier craft breweries.
  • Artic Pub & RV Park - Home — Located on HWY 101 @ milepost 75.
  • Uncle Eddie's Public House — BIG. WARM. GENUINE.
  • Takos Koreanos
  • Paseo SODO — Get your sandwich on at Paseo SoDo