Episode 129

Best Of - Todd Armstrong at Cloneapalooza.


September 21st, 2020

49 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

This week the guys pull out a blast from the past and share a Best of Gem, The Late-Night Drunken Edition.

01:06 – Justin kicks off this week’s podcast sharing with listeners ways they can find GCP online, the upcoming plans for a GCP BBQ with Brogan vs Rusty, and introduces this weeks Best Of. He then turns it over to the Late Night Drunken Palooza recorded at the Clone A Palooza in Easton Washington a few years ago. Todd explains what Clone a Palooza is, the type of people that attend the event, and Brogan starts the BBQ. Todd gives Brogan props on his fajitas and Brogan shares the food that is coming up next.

14:17 – They discuss the brilliance behind the tent within a tent covered by a tarp, Brogan talks about the hassle with cooking outside, and the huge number of yellow jackets that are also at the event. Brogan shares who invented fajitas, various sounds that are trademarked, and Todd talks about what modern capitalism is. He gives props to Elon Musk for his realization of the need for electric cars, they talk about burn bans in the area at that time, and Todd talks about how he got into comedy in 2010.

25:15 – Todd shares his love for hiking, the downfalls to being a pothead and hiking, and what his comedy adventure has been like since starting in 2010. He talk about what keeps him going when he feels like he’s like to quit comedy, the feeling he gets when he realizes that people appreciate the stories he shares, and Brogan talks about finding his comedy spot when in High School.

36:32 – Todd talks about how he and other comics he works with see comedy, the importance of enjoying what he’s doing, and the amazing feeling he gets when he realizes that it’s easier when you’re not afraid of loosing. They talk about family names they each have, Todd gives props to his dad, and Brogan talks about when he realized that his name is actually Willis. Todd discusses his plans for kids at some point in his life, Brogan talks about the downfalls of parenting and what happened when getting a vasectomy.

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