Episode 128

Rusty & Jeff Return!


September 14th, 2020

1 hr 23 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys are joined by long time friends of the podcast, Jeff and Rusty.

01:21 – The crew welcome Jeff and Rusty back, Justin talks about his recent visit to the doctor, and Brogan and Rusty recommend what to use for heartburn. Brogan shares things he’s found he can’t do since he’s broke his rib, talks about how local MMA gyms are “tattling” on each other, and Justin shares his plan for the, when it can happen, house party. They talk about past House Party experiences, share their opinion on buffet restaurants, and talk about local restaurants that closed in the area due to Covid.

20:08 – Brogan shares how the Cosmic Bottles Founders Mug works, the people that have purchased mugs so far, and reflects on meeting the Russian Mob when on a cruise (for more on this story, tune into Episode 49). Justin talks about his run in with the Russian Mob, they all decide to get crushed velvet track suits with burgundy and white colors, and plan to make a GCP Christmas Charity. They reflect on Shower Thoughts, how to figure out their DPM, and Scott talks about their new t-shirts they’re selling online.

43:13 – They debate whether smoking meat with a Traeger is cheating or makes someone a true BBQ master, they discuss their plans to show up at the next BBQ competition sporting their crushed velvet track suits, and Brogan shares with Rusty who their friend Biff is. They discuss how each plans to season their ribs in the competition, Brogan switches up the conversation sharing his West End stories, and Rusty talks about his West End Stories that first kicked off with going to punk shows at Hells Kitchen back in the day.

65:40 – Brogan talks about going to a Drive-In at the ShoWare Center in Kent, his vacation in Idaho, and the vaca adventures he had with his Fur Baby. They talk about how to best handle a pet when on vacation, Rusty shares when it’s best for him to take his dog on road trips, and Justin shares his favorite dog story. Brogan talks about one of the rare times he sold his art, his favorite fast-food restaurant, and they close out with an art heist teaser.

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