Episode 163

Saturday Night Grit - Port Townsend Trip


April 26th, 2021

1 hr 30 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, Justin shares his recent trip to Port Townsend, they give updates on plans to return to the Union Club to record, Scott Topics, Jeff Capades, and much more!!

02:22 - Justin gives the team an update on the progress of his studio, they talk about their plans to start recording again at the Union Club, and Justin shares updates that have happened at the club. Scott expresses his excitement to start recording live again, they discuss the average lifespan of podcasts, and Justin talks about his recent trip he and his wife took to Port Townsend. He and Scott talk about their visit to Dusties before Covid, their birthday plans, and Justin talks about exploring a winery in Port Townsend.

22:45 - Justin talks about the drinks they enjoyed when eating out in Port Townsend, what the drink The Huntress has in it, and plans to get a bartender on. He challenges Scott to try new fruity drinks the next time they’re out, Scott reflects on the drinks he had back in high school, and Jeff shares what his favorite fruity drink is. They plan drink rounds the next time they’re out so each of them can share their favorite drinks with each other, what Brogan has going on at Cosmic, and Justin talks about the history of The Manrea Castle Hotel.

42:25 - Conversation turns to Scott Topics and the the crazy article he found about a man who put his head inside a particle accelerator while it was on, they discuss what would it take to get them to the point where they would be ok with putting their head in a particle accelerator, and Scott talks about his last story of the guy feeding crocodiles. They move into Jeff’s Capades, Jeff talks about the scariest thing that happened to him when dealing with alligators in Florida, and they talk about stories of the past where gators have taken children.

69:08 - Scott and Jeff give their guesses on what article is from Tacoma, Justin talks about how cool art is a staple in Tacoma, and Scott asks the guys if they’ve ever sliced a tire. They discuss how much someone could get for a finger on the black market, if you should file a claim with your insurance company if sex toys are stolen from your house, and Jeff brings up his new business idea and invites the guys to join him. They close out the episode talking about how Liquor To Go will be available for people in Washington through 2023!

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