Episode 208

GCP: SADurday Night Grit


February 21st, 2022

1 hr 27 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Justin and Scott BS on this episode about great places around Tacoma back in the day, events happening in the area, and upcoming GCP guests.

01:36 – Robo Brogan joins the podcast, Justin talks about the haps at Cosmic Bottles during the Super Bowl, and gives a shout-out to Ivers. He talks about the varying levels of sushi places in Tacoma and the new t-shirts they got in. He talks about his venture to check out KVLT Mead, plans to get past guests back on the show, and what the guys with Chasing Ghosts has been up to. Scott share's what he's been up to, Justin talks about his past Puyallup bar crawls, and Scott explains the type of bar CaskCades is.

21:50 – Justin dives deeper into his recent visit to KVLT Mead, he and Scott talk about their past experiences with mead, and Justin talks about the ones he liked the most at KVLT. Scott talks about the pirate group in Tacoma, Justin suggests that they have pirates on the podcast, and the recent robbery at Mary Mart. He talks about the sale of Narrows Plaza Bowl, the alehouse across from it, and the drive-in that used to be behind B&I in Tacoma. He talks about going to B&I when they had Ivan the gorilla, what he's doing for Valentine's Day, and what's on the Valentine Course at Bar Bistro.

47:03 – Scott talks about the newest BBQ place he's found in Seattle, the fantastic meatloaf they have, and Justin talks about the delicious smoked meatloaf he's made. Justin reflects on another great past restaurant in Tacoma, Pizza and Pipes, other restaurants in the same spot after it closed, and they talk about the recent car that crashed into a Sizzler. Scott talks about the hilarious Mount Saint Helens on Twitter, why he hates driving, and Justin talks about Brogan's last visit to a Sizzler. Scott talks about his disappointment with The Outback Steakhouse, and fundraiser ideas for Mary Mart.

65:12 – They talk about planning to attend the upcoming Point Defiance Party for Polar bears, Fat Zach's pizza being there as well, and Scott talks about going to see Soulfly the following weekend. Justin talks about wanting to check out Little Radio, his excitement for podcasts coming up, and closes out this episode talking about the passing of the chef at Unique Bakery.

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