Episode 27

The Studio - After Hours with Rusty


August 6th, 2018

1 hr 2 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

This week the guys sit down with longtime friend of the show, Rusty, to chat about his new bar/ restaurant in Tacoma, The Church Cantina. This is the 4th time he’s been on, previous episodes he has also joined them on were Episode 1, 10, and 11. The Church Cantina is located at 5240 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma. People interested in visiting this Tacoma gem can find an update to the days their open and hours by visiting their Facebook page.

After a discussion on how to pronounce inaugural, they chat about marriage and Rusty tells the guys about his new restaurant bar in Tacoma, The Church Cantina, located at 54th on South Tacoma way. Rusty explains it as a “dark, sexy bar with kick ass food” that serves Cuban style food, how they decided to choose serving that type of cuisine, and his chef’s history in the Tacoma area.

15:10 – Rusty explains how he’s taking a hands off approach in the kitchen at the bar, allowing his chef to take control of developing the menu, and how they ended up deciding on the location on South Tacoma Way. The guys chat about mohawks, shaved heads, and the times they tried the mullet type hairstyle. Scott then opens the conversation up to the type of hair style the guys would choose if they had the ability to pick any of the styles out there.

30:24 – Rusty tells the guys about the entertainment for people they’ll have at The Church Cantina, the days they’ll be closed, the menu their chef wrote up, and Jeff’s recent fender bender on 167. Rusty shares his accident/hit and run a few months ago on 1-5 and his experience he had with the police officer after it happened. Talk then turns to the 2 am bar closing time in Tacoma, his past experience as a bouncer, and Brogan’s recent trip to Long Beach, WA.

45:05 – Scott returns with drinks all around and Brogan expands more on his trip to Long Beach, including seeing people dragging people’s cars out that are stuck in the sand on the beach. He talks about metal detecting, how much time he’s able to take away from his business, and the conversation over why Rusty wasn’t invited to either of his weddings. The guys ponder on Rusty’s 4 visits on the podcast and the invite for him to come back again to be ‘Celebrity Guest Producer Host’.

This episode comes to a close with conversation around hard consonance and the first words humans said being curse words. Conversation closes with Rusty taking over hosting the show and doing a round table of the teams favorite word.

Thanks Rusty for joining the guys to talk about your new business and another awesome conversation!

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