Episode 272

GCP: Friday Night Hangout - Brogan and VR Porn


April 19th, 2023

56 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

This time the group is a full house!! They talk Putt Stuff, Zodiac Supper Club going out of business, Brogan being back in Tacoma, and weird dreams.

00:03 – Justin complements Derek on his new profile picture, talks about Putt Stuff that will be happening this summer, and shares how people can find more information about the event on Discord. Brogan joins the conversation, the group makes plans for practice rounds before the event, and Justin shares his plans for Putt Stuff trophies. They ponder the idea for hosting Grit City Olympics, Brogan and Justin talk about the high-quality monitors they had back in the day, and Justin says hi to the GCP live listeners on Discord.

13:48 – Justin warns listeners that this episode will be all over the place, reflects on his sanctuary room back in the day, and Brogan talks about what his daughter is up to. He talks about different things that can be done with Papa Johns's pizza boxes, Scott compliments the guys on the great couple they make, and Justin talks about his recent D&D weekend that totaled 27 hours in gameplay. Brogan discusses what was frustrating about running a game shop, Cosmic Bottles being business of the year, and Justin gives a shout-out to the Zodiac Supper Club.

27:19 – Brogan talks about where State Street Brewery is at, new findings on 6th Ave, and Justin talks about Billy moving on from Mary Mart. Brogan talks about his recent bar encounter, Walgreens in Tacoma closing, and what he enjoyed for dinner on his first night at his apartment. He shares his love of the Double Basket Ninja, Advil's impact on your heart, and what is awkward about running on a treadmill at the doctor's office. He talks about the fantastic places he decorates with GCP stickers and the number of Clydes he knows.

41:45 – Justin looks up the most famous Clydes, congrats Kraken for making the playoffs, and talks about the great game it was. He kicks off Jeffs Capades, Jeff shares his recent weird dream, and ponders on the potential of the dream being because he is stressed out about golf. Scott brings up dying dreams, Justin shares his recent dream of making it past the teen check-in area on the road, and talks about what may have caused him to have that type of dream. Brogan talks about the game he's been playing lately, and Scott talks about Steam blocking a game.

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