Episode 276

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Birthday Axe Throwing!


May 17th, 2023

1 hr 7 mins 52 secs

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This time, Justin, Derek, and Scott talk about the birthday outing, ax-throwing, music shows, Tacoma’s art community and much, much more!

00:00 – The guys explore Discord’s new Soundboard, Justin talks about their birthday excursion, and the people they had join them. He talks about where they threw axes at, the layout of the building, and Scott expresses the importance of practicing axe throwing to become proficient at it. Justin talks about the axe-throwing games that were there, the cost, and the other events that were happening the same day in the area.

17:35 – Derek talks about the underground shows he’s attended back in the day, Justin talks about going to Puget Sound Pizza after axe throwing, and his love of karaoke. Derek talks about the type of pizza he had, Justin reflects on the last time he did karaoke at Puget Sound Pizza, and where they ended up finishing off the birthday bash at.

34:30 – They guys talk about their love of dill pickles, Justin talks about wanting to get into pickling different vegetables, and using sauerkraut when cooking sausage on the Trager. He talks about the delicious peppered jelly his mother in law made, Scott talks about his love of hard boiled eggs, and the crew talks about when Putt Stuff is happening.

51:45 – Justin talks about the haps of Porch Fest, when this years one is going on, and shares information on how people can sign up their band or their porch. Scott reflects on going last year, the people he saw during the event, and bars in the area to hit up while at the event. Justin talks about GCP’s triumphant return to Crypticon, who he met up with at last years event, and how the parties are setup there.

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