Episode 285

GCP: The Wedding and Pizza!


July 19th, 2023

59 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

Rusty and Autumn’s wedding, reviews of pizza places in the area, Circle Pit Swap Meet, and Tacoma ranking as a top place to live in the US.

00:03 – Justin and Jeff talk about watching the Donut King, Justin shares what’s in store for this episode, and gives a shout-out to Tacompton Files. Justin gives a shout-out to newlyweds Rusty and Autumn, talks about what he wore to the event, and the connections he made at the wedding. He talks about what a great pair Rusty and Autumn make, the hecklers at the wedding, and Jeff talks about his wedding theme.

15:47 – Jeff expresses his appreciation of his wife, Derek talks about the theme of his wedding, and who officiated it. They declare the official GCP uniform, upcoming convention plans, and talk about the Put Stuff event happening in a few days. Justin talks about the make of the trophy, gives his review of a recent Reddit post of the Best Pizzas in the Tacoma Area, and shares which pizza place in town is the worst in his opinion.

29:45 – Justin talks about the pizza places missing from the list, talks about chatting with the person behind Circle Pit Swap Meet, and talks about the new bagel shop in Tacoma, Howdy Bagel. He talks about what they offer at the shop and the popularity of it in the community.

43:54 - Jeff gives a shout-out to Timeless Finishings for repairing his fence and gate, the amazing wildlife he has by his house, and Justin talks about the wildlife in his area. Jeff talks about hunting Canadian geese, Justin talks about the recent article ranking Tacoma as a top place to live in the US, and talks about the chip between Tacoma and Seattle.

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