Episode 284

GCP: Sunday Sermon


July 12th, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

This time the guys talk about the recent comedy show at Cosmic Bottles, Putt Stuff, Tacoma Missed Connections, continued discussion of Pat Sajak’s retirement, Tacoma fireworks, and much more.

01:34 – Justin talks about what’s coming up in this episode, watching their friend Rusty headline at a Cosmic Bottles comedy show, and the types of drinks they enjoyed while there. Justin talks about the comedians at the show and Scott gives props to Bob for making the shirts for the upcoming Putt Stuff event.

18:00 - Justin talks about plans for making trophies for the upcoming GCP mini-golf event, Jeff throws out other ideas for homemade trophies, and Justin talks about when the event is happening. Jeff talks about his new GCP merch ideas and Justin talks about what’s going on at the Real Art Tacoma.

35:14 – Scott discusses the busking areas at the train stations in the PNW, Justin shares that GCP is on the next social media Bluesky, and they re-visit Tacoma Missed Connections. Justin reads through various misconnections, they talk about how people respond to the posts, and Justin shares how people can post their own missed connections.

53:04 – Justin talks about the other things that have come out since the announcement of Pat Sajak’s retirement from Wheel of Fortune, they talk about the July 4th celebration party, and Jeff talks about the cool turnout at the party. Justin talks about someone passing away because of how busy 911 was in Tacoma, the relaxed Tacoma rules on fireworks on the 4th of July, and they all share how late fireworks were going off in their areas.

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