Episode 297

GCP: Dark Heart Barber Collective


October 11th, 2023

1 hr 4 mins 29 secs

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Shane and Tito, owners of the recently opened barber shop in Tacoma, Dark Heart Barber Collective, sit down with the GCP crew on this episode. Shane is an artist when it comes to crafting effortlessly stylish hairstyles and Tito's diverse clientele is a testament to his versatility and inclusive approach. Check them out on their website and Instagram.

00:09 – Justin reveals that they’ll be doing a Boudoir photo shoot post-recording, Shane talks about how long the shop’s been open, and how he and Justin first met. Tito talks about how they got started, what led him to become a barger, and what the business focuses most heavily on. Shane talks about helping people find the cut they’re envisioning, Scott suggests Justin try a pompadour wig, and Tito expresses the importance of a consultation pre-haircut.

16:31 – Shane explains that they’re appointment only, what customers should bring with them, and the different styles he loves to make happen. The group converses about which of them has seen the Barbie Movie, Justin talks about the meaningful lesson takeaways from it, and Shane reflects on the challenges of running the business.

31:43 – Scott talks about what he loves related to the Seattle public transportation commute, Justin talks about taking the train to Seattle for games, and the difference he found between Seattle and Chicago. He shares what he loves about Chicago, Shane talks about what brought him to Tacoma, and expresses his love of the community.

47:57 – Tito talks about the amazing people they do business for, Justin talks about his D&D adventures, and Shane advises Scott to roll for creativity. Shane explains that they are at times therapists as well as barbers, Justin talks about growing up on shows like Family Matters, and Shane closes out giving info on the GCP deal at the shop.

Thanks, Shane and Tito for stopping in for a great conversation and information on the newest barbershop in town!

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