Episode 30

Brogan's Bad Week


August 27th, 2018

35 mins 47 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This week the guys discuss the bad week Brogan’s had including Wizards Keep being burglarized and him almost dying.

4:42 – After discussing Justin’s house warming party, conversation turns to Wizards Keep recently being burgled at 3:46 am the day of Justin’s party. Brogan talks about getting the call notifying him of the break-in alarm going off. They talk about the person that broke in, Brogan putting up a gate in front of the store, and Scott joining him to put the gate up.

12:02 - Brogan chats about his close to death experience during his camping trip with his crew in July at Leavenworth on Fish Lake. He talks about cooking up bacon for breakfast, reaching over to grab a big delicious bite that lead to choking and Jason giving him the Heimlich maneuver. He talks about the bruises he had on his ribs the next day and how lucky he was to avoid the pearly gates this time.

17:11 – The guys call Jason to get his perspective on Brogan choking. Jason talks about looking over and seeing Brogan’s face turning purple and walking over to give him the Heimlich. He then explains that he had just given Brogan security tips for his store a few days before the break-in happened and tells the guys about embarking on his own business on business security.

23:20 - Jeff talks about his new two story house called the “Octavius” house, the home owners association, and the weird “ghost” activities that have gone on in the house since they’ve been there. They then discuss Halloween and the amazing pumpkin spice.

29:35 – They go over the new stuff that’s happening with them and Tacoma Ghost Tours, Brogan staying at the Thornwood Castle in Lakewood, the Life Time movie about the place, and thoughts on renting a night there with Andrew to do a haunted podcast. They discuss how people interested in being on the show can get a hold of them and Wizard’s Keep Games $25 gift card giveaway, where a winner will be chosen from those that like and leave a message on GCP’s Facebook page.

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