Episode 303

GCP: Sunday Sermon - Duels, Burgers, and Pinball


November 8th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins

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About this Episode

This time, the guys talk about Tacoma making national news, Derek’s anniversary, their excitement for the Grit City Comic Show, and close out by revealing the bonus question.

01:34 – Justin shares where people can listen to them live, talks about the bonus Patreon episode, and the recent mass shooting in Tacoma that made national news. They talk about bringing duals back, encouraging people to go to Street Beefs instead of using guns, and Scott recommends people leave their weapons at home before going out on a night on the town.

16:24 – Scott talks about choosing not to spend his money at places that support things he doesn’t support, Jeff talks about his interaction with the owner of Dorky’s, and they talk about other local game places. Derek talks about what he and his wife did for their anniversary, the bar in Seattle they met at, and Scott shares one of his favorite burger places in Salt Lake City.

32:09 – Justin talks about enjoying delicious, messy burgers at Carl’s Junior, gives a shout-out to Side Piece Kitchen, and mentions the return of pickle cheesecake there. He talks about them being at the upcoming Grit City Comic show, Scott expresses his excitement, and talks about them having two booths there.

48:14 – Justin talks about the game they’ll be playing during the event, the various events he’s also attended at the Tacoma Convention Center, and expresses his excitement for playing their new mini golf VR game. Derek talks about his new VR gear, testing the mini-golf game with Jeff, and Justin explains the various Patreon benefits they offer.

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