Episode 332

GCP: Saturday Night Grit - Eclipse, Rage Rooms, & Fallout


April 17th, 2024

1 hr 1 min 45 secs

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About this Episode

The guys chat about the recent Best Of, Jury Duty, Scott Topics, the Fallout show, and local sporting events.

00:02 – The official GCP Robot sings us into this episode, Justin starts off discussing the events around the recent eclipse, and Mercury retrograde. He gives a shout-out to CNote who has been re-discovering GCP episode gems, being recently summoned to Jury Duty, and manifesting the case being resolved before trial.

15:49 – Justin talks about Kaysha enjoying Cosmic Bottles, plans to redo his deck, and gives a shout-out to GCP's amazing listener, Autumn. He talks about donating board games to his local public library, the ability to take your own items, at no additional charge, to be smashed at Brainyactz, and Derek talks about the cathartic feeling that comes from smashing old dishes.

30:01 – Emily gives the guys a little bit of a taste of what types of trivia people can expect at an Uneasy Events, Justin brings back Scott Topics, and Scott talks about what people can find in the awesome city of Westport. Justin talks about his love of Ocean Shores, his favorite time to visit, and Derek talks about his first recent visit there.

46:26 – Scott talks about watching surfers on the coast, Erik jumps in and talks about some upcoming sporting events, and his back into attending social group rides like Tacoma’s TNR. Justin talks about getting geared up for Fallout, Derek expresses his appreciation of the show’s creators, and they share their love of the Walton Goggins.

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