Episode 336

GCP: Friday Night Grit - Car Problems, AI Music, and Things Happening


May 1st, 2024

1 hr 34 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

This Friday Night Grit, the crew discusses Crypticon, upcoming guests, car problems, public transportation, moon talk, Over The Moon Café, and AI music.

01:34 – Derek reflects on harassing Discord live stream during the recording of the last episode, each expresses their love of partying, and Justin shares their excitement for the upcoming Crypticon. He talks about the 13th-floor parties happening at the event, they discuss the celebrities attending this year, and Justin discusses upcoming GCP guests.

24:25 – Justin talks about the shindig happening after they record at Union Club at the end of May, the upcoming Static-X and Seven Dust concert, and his recent car troubles. He shares the incredible journey the event took him on, gives appreciation to his grandpa for fixing cars as a kid, and Scott talks about baby Kei trucks.

45:36 – Justin and Scott make plans to be train-to-Seattle buddies, Justin reflects on his past nerd rage, and they give their reviews of the card game Exploding Kittens. Derek talks about him and his wife getting back into board games, Justin dives into moon talk, and shares his experience at the Over The Moon Café.

72:45 – Justin talks about the amazing love notes on the tables at the café, getting emotional while reading them, and highly recommends people check the place out. He expresses his love of that area in Tacoma, the dress attire of the restaurant, and Jeff talks about loving the excuse to dress up while on a cruise.

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