Episode 337

GCP: Best Of - Casey McLain


May 8th, 2024

1 hr 14 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

This best-of is a replay of the crews conversation with local comedian and podcaster Casey McLain from episode 265. During that episode, he chatted with the guys about comedy, podcasting, and The Pacific Northwest. Follow him on his socials for information on his upcoming performances!

04:51 – Justin kicks off the show by sharing how listeners can tune into live recordings of the show, introduces Casey, and Casey talks about the demographics of his pet t-shirt sales. Justin talks about having stream accounts for both of his cats, how he follows other Justin Robinsons on Twitter, and Casey shares how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted him when it started. He talks about how he was able to share comedy during the pandemic and the difficulty it is now to get back into theaters post-COVID.

21:04 – Justin reflects on his and Scott's trip to Spokane, Casey talks about getting booked on the GCP comedy shows back in the day, and one of the worst gigs he did at O'Malleys in Tacoma. He talks about getting paid in drinks, shares a story about an experience at the Lusty Lady back in the day, and Scott talks about the recent tech layoffs. Casey talks about how common it is to get bumped in comedy, Justin shares his love of being interactive with comedians behind the stage, and Casey talks about recording the show at Summit City in Indiana.

39:29 – Justin expresses how he loves comedy even if he disagrees with what they may be saying, Casey shares the wisdom of Joe Rogan, and Justin talks about how upset people were at GCP for interviewing Flat Earther Mark Sargent. He shares the aspect he loves about podcasting, Casey talks about the evolution of his sports podcast, and they discuss what it's like to be around multiple comics. Casey talks about the sports teams he likes to follow, growing up in the area, and how Tacoma has changed over the years.

55:16 – Casey shares his love of the diversity in Tacoma, Justin talks about the areas in Tacoma where he's lived, and the different types of fantastic food in the area. He explains what line dancing is, Casey reflects on the Big Whiskey Saloon in Tacoma back in the day, and gives recommendations for people visiting Tacoma to try. Justin talks about his love of The Parkway Tavern, Casey talks about his favorite place in Tacoma for breakfast, and talks about his special coming out soon.

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