Episode 340

GCP: Friday Night Hangout -Java Jivin'

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This time, the crew discusses gaming, wild animals, An Evening with John Cusack, movies filmed in Tacoma, and local sports!

00:00 – GCP welcomes this episode by discussing gaming, recent bear sightings in the area, and other wild animals the crew has seen. Derek talks about running into wild bison, Justin reflects on getting into a drunken argument with raccoons, and Scott talks about having a pet scorpion. He talks about watching free-range bulls fight, and they ponder when Tacoma’s cocaine bear will appear.

17:33 – Erik shares an exciting encounter, running into a black bear cub in his neighborhood. Jeff adds to the thrill with a story of a deer recently visiting his neighborhood, and Justin's exclamation of his love for sausage adds a humorous touch. Derek takes a moment to appreciate the live listeners, and they all eagerly discuss the upcoming screening of 'Say Anything' with John Cusack, diving into the details of where the movie was filmed.

34:21 – Justin shares other movies that were filled in Tacoma, how people can get more information about the event, and Justin talks about screenings he’s sat in on with directors. Justin talks about their upcoming recordings at the Union Club, who they’re going to be hanging with, and his recent deck renovation.

52:24 – The crew wraps up the episode with a sense of anticipation, discussing strategies for claiming yard dominance, Erik's potential strength to carry each of them, and his enlightening explanation of Bike Polo. They share their excitement for 2nd Cycle's plans to make it a monthly event, and Justin's discovery of Sig Brewing's collaboration with Bob’s Java Jive adds to the buzz. The crew eagerly makes plans to visit Java Jive, discussing their mode of transportation with enthusiasm.

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