Episode 342

GCP: Rusty McClintock & Ken Carlson at the Union Club


June 5th, 2024

1 hr 9 mins 24 secs

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This week the guys are joined by friends of the show Rusty McClintock (Comedian | RCF Exteriors & Remodeling) and Ken Carlson (Artist, Director, and General Artistic Badass)! They catch up with a chat about Justin's new house projects from RCF, Ken's recap from Crypticon 2024, pet ownership, video game hangups, exercise problems, and more!

02:30 - The gang enthusiastically welcomes back Rusty and Ken to catch up on the latest happenings in their lives. Justin can’t help but gush over the incredible renovation work RCF Exteriors has done on his home and the Brass Kraken Studios. The conversation then shifts to the joys and challenges of handyman work, highlighting Justin's playful aversion to DIY projects.

22:00 - Ken reveals that he recently watched Thelma & Louise for the first time. The gang dives into a lively discussion about the movie before branching out to chat about various other films and TV shows, including the live airings of the FOX sitcom ROC.

33:00 - The conversation shifts to video games, debating whether looking up tips online counts as 'cheating.' They then take a nostalgic dive into retro games and the experience of playing them with emulators.

53:00 - The gang explores the concept of 'smash rooms' and the cathartic process of getting rid of trash, leading Justin to share his unique 'Donate-Trash-Smash' method. They circle back to more gaming discussions before wrapping up with a talk about upcoming projects and where listeners can find them!

Thanks again to Ken and Rusty for the lively chat and a fantastic time at the Union Club!


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Episode Links

  • RCF Exteriors — RCF Exteriors specializes in Window and Door installation across the South Puget Sound region.
  • Ken Carlson — I’m Ken. I make movies, write novels, draw comic books, play guitar, build things with my hands, play D&D, drink booze and contemplate the futility of existence. From the ether of my imagination to the digital or physical world, come take a peek inside my head!
  • The Union Club Coworking & Events Space — The Union Club is a mixed-use project contributing to Tacoma’s growing artistic and entrepreneurial community. It combines studio space, coworking space, office space, beautiful common areas, galleries and an event hall in a 15,000 square foot historic building in downtown Tacoma.