Episode 65

Punk Rock Gumby


April 21st, 2019

44 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode the guys sit down with artist, photographer, and cosplayer Punk Rock Gumby and his sidekick Punk Rock Pokey. You can follow Punk Rock Gumby and his adventures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/punkrock_gumby/.

2:31 – Justin gives props to Jason at Castle Security and Protection, Punk Rock Gumby and Punk Rock Pokey introduce themselves, and give a shout out to Friday Night Fights put on by the Blue Mouse Theater. Justin talks about going to watch the 30-year anniversary of Beetle Juice there, the crowd that Friday Night Fights draws, and Brogan passes out Beer Roulette. They all share the beer each of them got, the bar game called ‘Third From the Left’, and PRG discusses his recent experience giving away money to a lady at the McDonalds in Tacoma.

13:45 – Justin talks about the old Malarkeys, sub Reddit mentions of GCP, and the conversation on Reddit around if people have actually heard Tacoma referred to as ‘The Grit City’. The talk about what ‘Grit City’ means to them, Justin gives props to Grit City Magazine, and PRG shares where you can find him online. He talks about his first picture with Shark Bite Barbie, their favorite venues happening in Tacoma, and Justin gives props to The Grand Cinema’s recent playing of Cat Videos. Scott shares his love of Public Freak Out, Brogan shares how he feels the internet is karma free, and how they are all suckers for the surprise military coming home videos.

27:17 – PRG shares what he loves about the street artists he runs into, what is fun in doing street art, and peoples incisive need to understand the person behind their art. They discuss what they love about Tacoma, the public executions that happened in the area, and how they would want to go if they had to face execution. They all share if death by drowning or burning is worse, PRG discusses the jackets he makes, and they look up the Bane from Batman jacket. PRG shows the guys his suitcase, explains what the purpose of it is, and how it’s really a test to see how nerdy people are.

38:08 – Justin talks about watching a screening of Fight Club in Seattle, how PRG embraces the PNW for its differences, and PRG shares his plans for cosplay next year. He gives info on where people can find him online, finishes his story on the making of PRG, and they talk about another closing of a legendary PNW store, Mr Mac’s.

Many thanks to PRG and PRP for sitting down with the GCP guys to chat about your character and what you love about Tacoma!

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