Episode 84

Tacoma Sirens


September 9th, 2019

58 mins 38 secs

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Melody, Kelsey, and Monica from The Tacoma Sirens join the guys to talk about women’s rugby group. Founded in 2010, they are a thriving team of bold, fun, and athletic women. Tacoma Sirens are part of the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union (PNRFU), a competitive league including over 10 Women’s teams, and are also members of USA Rugby. Women of all shapes and sizes are welcome, their team is always looking for new players and no experience is necessary, they will teach you. They encourage people in the community to come out and join in the fun! Those looking for more information can find them online at: https://tacomarugby.com/sirens/.

00:11 – The team made it official that ‘T-Rex’ is the code word to use when ready to record, they talk on Scotts nickname in high school, and Justin tells listeners how they can help support the podcast. Each of the guests introduce themselves and position they play, where people can find more information about them, and they give a shout out to Amber who runs the Sirens social media. They discuss how each of them got into Rugby, how fast Rugby has grown over the past couple of years, and why so many women are drawn to Rugby.

15:07 – Justin asks them to breakdown how Rugby is played, Melody talks about the importance to put the ball down after crossing the goal line, and breaks down the scrum that happens off a penalty. Kelsey talks about what is going on in the league, their coach’s career prior to coaching the team, and what a Capped Eagle is. She talks about who founded the club in 2010, Melody comments on the supportive people in the league, and Justin brings up where people can find them online.

30:30 – Kelsey explains that the team is always open to sponsors, Justin brings up the haunting of the Union Club where they record, and Jeff explains how his app the iOvilus works. Scott shares the ghost hunt him and Brogan did at Brandys Attic with Andre from Tacoma Ghost Tours, Justin jumps into coaster questions, and Monica answers the question on what’s something non-sports related that she’s really good at. They give props to the Camp Bar, what their other favorite Tacoma bars are, and Justin mentions Drinking for Conservation.

46:07 – Monica leads them through a prayer from the ghosts request, Melody shares that her favorite fantasy animal is a mermaid, and Kelsi shares that her favorite is the centaur. They talk on what animals they have a phobia of including Melodies fear of lizards, Justin shares how people can support the team, and asks how they get into their opponents head. Kelsey closes out with talking on where fans can purchase gear to support the team.

Many thanks to Melody, Kelsey, and Monica for a great conversation on Women’s Rugby!

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