Episode 103

The Peace Bus


January 20th, 2020

46 mins 27 secs

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This time the GCP team is joined by Kwabi Amoah-Forson, and his friends Lia Lee, and Kevin Wilford. Kwabi is the creator of The Peace Bus, starting in Tacoma as an idea around communicating peace to others, he has been able to take this idea and share it around the world. In August 2019, he and the Peace Bus team traveled in their powder blue 1988 Mitsubishi van from Tacoma to the U.S.-Mexico border stopping off along the way to hand out coats, blankets, and hygienic kits to those in Need. They are currently working on The Peace bus TV show for kids that helps to promote their mission to ignite solidarity throughout communities, spawning a campaign for peace both nationally and internationally. One of the essential pillars of the Peace Bus is delivering humanitarian aid to communities in need. They are committed to the act of giving as a fundamental part of the Peace movement and are committed to empowering communities by uplifting others.

02:18 – Justin reflects on the old GCP episodes with Scott and Brogan, they talk on the Dockyard Derby Dames, and Kwabi introduces himself and Lia Lee and Kevin. He shares where the idea of the Peace Bus came from and talks on being attached when promoting Peace at Wrights Park in Tacoma. He talks on how that got him into traveling around the world, starting their Peace Talk videos, and their interview with the Tacoma mayor Victoria Woodards.

10:17 – Kwabi shares getting the bus, their trip down the coast of California to talk on peace and donate socks and blankets to those in need, and how many people went with him to Mexico. He talks about the Enterprise discount they got for the trip, the opportunity to go to Disney Land to talk to kids about their view on peace, and being approached about doing a child TV show.

23:27 – Kwabi talks on meeting with the local PBS producer, Justin shares information on their Go Fund Me, and Lia talks about how she got involved with them. Justin talks about how they got connected, Kwabi shares how people can promote peace and help those in need in their community, and Richard Sherman paying off lunch debt for kids in Tacoma. Kwabi shares his ideas of the show, using puppets on the show, and Jeff talks about his sock money.

35:13 – Kwabi explains the puppet characters on the show, Justin talks about the importance of people getting involved in their community, and Lia talks on acting and her experience of being on set with them. Kevin talks about working with Kwabi, Jeff presents listener questions, and Justin shares information on Tacoma’s Emergency Youth Housing.

Thank you Kwabi, Kevin, and Lei for sharing the Peace Bus story and the great work you are doing to promote peace locally and around the world!

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