Episode 104

Talking Tacoma with Timothy Marlowe and Andy Varga


January 27th, 2020

51 mins 27 secs

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Andy Vargo and Timothy Marlowe join the GCP team to talk about BD Local. Andy Vargo is a coach, comedian and creator of the podcast The Awkward Career. Timothy Marlowe is the founder and owner of BD Local and the podcast Be The Better. BD Local is a production media company that offers users podcasts and much more through the app. They represent over 400 locally owned businesses, musicians, local artists, and non profits. The app is like a digital yellow book, bringing users life to their community through audios and visuals. They enable listeners to learn about local businesses, listen to local podcasts and musicians, and watch their community all through the home screen of their phone.

01:27 – Justin welcomes Andy and Timothy to the show, gives users information on how they can spread the word of GCP, and Timothy talks about the launching of BD Local. He talks about the number of businesses that BD Local supports, how the app works, and Justin discusses the changing landscape of Tacoma. Timothy talks about their plan to add a city council button on the app, Justin talks about getting involved in the community, and Timothy shares other plans they have for BD Local.

11:48 – Timothy explains the intent behind the Share Local button on the app, the apps livestreaming capability, and how the live streaming came to be. He talks about the importance as a business owner to be able to adapt to change, how he met Andy, and when he invited him to be a co-host on the show. He talks about having 27 different shows, reaching 400,000 people on Facebook, and the diversity of the content they have.

25:36 – Timothy shares what the podcast Be the Better Local is about, Andy shares the variety of people they’ve had on the podcast, and they talk about the importance of podcasts being video based as well. Scott expresses how he sees other podcast creators as collaborators not competitors, Timothy talks about how fellow podcasters share credibility between each other, and Justin talks about joining the GCP team. Timothy talks about the process of building their three studios, what they learned along the way, and they give props to Sadie for the work she does for BD Local.

37:43 – Timothy talks about his support for The Peace Bus, the power of networking, and Justin talks about how they met the Tacoma Hurling team. Timothy talks about what has built their credibility within the community, their involvement with the Santa Parade on 6th Ave, and what they learned during the event. He talks about the events that are coming up for them in 2020, Scott talks about GCP’s equipment expansion over the years, and Justin recommends users that are interested in starting a podcast to reach out to the BD Local team. He asks the about guys their favorite places to eat, Scott shares his favorite place to eat in Puyallup, and they give props to Alfred’s and The Valley.

Thank you Andy and Timothy for joining the podcast for an interesting conversation on BD Local.

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