Episode 113

Best Of - Old School Tacoma Ghost Tours


March 30th, 2020

59 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is a GCP original that Scott and Brogan recorded with Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours. As mentioned in episode 112, Andrew recently unexpectedly passed away. The idea for Tacoma Ghost Tours started in 2005 with a fundraiser for the Tacoma Art School where his father did a Tacoma’s Forgotten Disasters Tour. After researching disasters, his dad discovered many stories of ghosts in relation to the disasters in the area. After Andrew graduated from Bates College in 2010, his dad approached him about starting the business, and from there the business took off. People can learn more about Tacoma Ghost Tours and see some great pics on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you Andrew for educating visitors and Tacoma locals alike on Tacoma paranormal history, you will be greatly missed.

01:05 – Brogan shares his and his wife’s Halloween costume plans, his plans for the birthday party celebration happening at Acme Tavern, and Andrew shares how Tacoma Ghost Tours got started. He talks about being into scary things since he was a kid, his love for history, and where Tacoma ghost stories came from. He talks about the haunting at what is now the Forum Bar and Grill, where listeners can find the pics he was talking about, and they converse about each of their personal ghost experiences.

14:32 – Andrew shares that his first ghost interaction when he was 19, he talks about how the tour works, the length of the tour, and how they really try to focus on a mix of ghost reports and proven historical facts. He talks about the skepticism he has on the ghost stories he’s heard, he gives credits to the people that run Brandys Attic, and talk about the ghost experiences they have had there.

27:20 – Brogan talks about his stepson getting to play for the Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Tacoma, how the secret services coached the kids during the visit, and Andrew expresses how good it is that Tacoma is taking strides to reconcile when the city expelling of 200 Chinese people in 1885. Scott shares on how amazing it is that over the course of 150 years how much we have advanced our relationship with China, how India separated part of their country to turn over to the Dalai Lama, and Andrew explains how Buddhist monks are, at time, also martial artists.

45:00 – Brogan talks about working as a security guard at the Tacoma Road Center and the hauntings there, Andrew talks about working with local ghost hunters on investigations, and how running the business turned him and his dad into minor level ghost hunters. He talks about more on the creepy “ghost” incidents at Brandys Attic, Scott offers to join him with a ghost hunt there, and Andrew talks on other potential buildings that are haunted in Tacoma, including Theatre Comique run by Harry Morgan, who controlled just about anything illegal in Tacoma in the late 1800’s.

Our hearts go out to Andrews parents, GCP is grateful for being able to know him.

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