Episode 121

Quarantined 8


May 25th, 2020

52 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

On Quarantined 8 Brogan, Justin, and Scott get together and talk on business, adventures of ordering out, and what they’ve been watching as the quarantine continues.

03:30 – Justin talks about what he’s been doing lately during the quarantine, how he misses podcasting with everyone recording in the same room, and Scott talks about his miss of the bars. Justin shares the local places he’s been ordering out from lately, Brogan talks about the renaming of his new company, and explains what fatty flights are. He discusses pairing ice cream with beer, Scott and Brogan talk about the weight they’ve gained during Covid, and upcoming plans for ordering out for breakfast.

14:10 – Brogan talks about the fun times he had while working in gaming, Justin shares that the local casinos are re-opening at low capacity, and his memories of going to the junk yard with his grandpa as a kid. They talk about their last episode, the drink’s they’re enjoying, and Justin talks about his excitement for doing RV tours once state parks open up for overnight camping. Scott talks about camper van places in the PNW, Justin shares Michelle’s aunt’s adventures, and they discuss the costs of the vans.

26:51 – Brogan talks about consulting a psychologist about the psychology behind naming his business, shares the application check list that has to be done to kick off the business loan application, and what he has going on with World of Warcraft. He answers the fries question that came in from a Disturbed listener, if he’s going to be selling the “good” chicken strips, and they discuss what their favorite type of fry cut is.

40:30 – Scott talks about his love for Oat Milk, Justin shares the random snacks they’ve picked up at the store lately, and shows they’ve been watching. Scott talks about being strung out on YouTube, Brogan looks up Marble Races, and Justin talks about his love for Clownvis. Brogan shares what he’s doing over Memorial Day weekend, Justin talks about his BBQ adventures, and Brogan suggests using Instacart to do their online shopping.

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