Episode 122

Dave Clark from We R Tacoma, the Tacoma Rainiers & Defiance!


June 1st, 2020

1 hr 1 min 57 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, the guys chat with Dave Clark, the content creator for Tacoma Defiance and Tacoma Rainiers at WeRTacoma.com. He does most of the writing, which is rarely about sports, even when they are playing games. His focus tends to be on the culture of the South Sound. He writes about breweries, cideries, authors, poets, rappers, restaurateurs – basically all the people who make up Tacoma. During the pandemic he’s written something like 70 stories and only 2 of them had anything to do with sports. Outside of the job he is a soccer dork, D&D nerd, and flavor fiend who loves to try new things. We R Tacoma’s latest initiative is R Hat R City: Hero Meals which will put $5 from every Rainiers or Defiance cap sold through to Team Store towards Tacoma restaurants that are feeding essential workers. You can purchase caps from the team store at: https://www.wertacoma.com/teamstore.

02:05 – Brogan shares how he knows Dave, Dave talks about how he moved into doing the content creation for Rainiers and Defiance, and how he and Ethan got to know each other. He explains how’s he’s dealing with creating articles during Covid-19, the Small Businesses story he put together, and other people he’s been talking to in Tacoma. They talk about the Snake Lake Walk in Tacoma, Justin comments on Dave doing the South Sound Battle of the Bars, and Dave talks about partnering up with Hero Meals to help local Tacoma restaurants stay open.

15:55 – Brogan shares the hat he ordered from We R Tacoma, Dave gives a word of caution for ordering the pre-fitted hats, and Justin gives a shout out to David Thompson with Food Is Free. Michelle talks about the variety of ways they’ve been cooking potatoes, Brogan gives props to the Air Fryer, and different things he’s been cooking in it (see below for Brogans Chicken Cordon Blue Recipe). Justin shares how to cook bacon in the Traeger, Brogan talks about putting his body in Ketosis, and how he tests to verify his body is there.

32:28 – Dave talks about the local non-violent Tacoma protests, how glad he is to have the connections he has in Tacoma, and Justin talks about dealing with the Micro-Homes being moved into his neighborhood. Dave talks about the semi-sports topics that he has coming down the road, how the local players are keeping busy during Covid, and they all express how excited they are to soon be sharing a beer together. Brogan talks about “The Dad” on Instagram, other suggestions he has for Dave to do stories on, and Dave talks about how he misses just being able to walk around the neighborhoods to talk with the community.

45:57 – Brogan shares getting ghosted by a friend in a car deal back in the day, Justin explains where people can find more information about We R Tacoma, and suggests that Dave gets the players into D&D. Dave talks about getting involved in D&D virtually, the reason why he still owns the physical books due to the importance of tactile experience to him, and Brogan talks about the importance for local game players to support local businesses.

Thanks Dave for joining the guys for a great conversation and the amazing things We R Tacoma is doing for the community.

Brogan's Chicken Cordon Blue in the Air Fryer

Canadian Bacon
Mozzarella Cheese

Cooking Steps

  1. Butterfly cut chicken breasts, spread them out, and pound thin.
  2. Drop Canadian bacon and mozzarella in
  3. Add Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Salt
  4. Dip in egg
  5. Fold over and drop in air fryer
  6. Hit at 370 degrees for 15 minutes
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