Episode 125

Phase 2 - Wet Brogan Into Space


June 22nd, 2020

59 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

The guys get together for the second time in person since Phase 2 has been in place. They talk about places they’ve been to since the opening of Phase 2, their newest faves on TV and YouTube, and the haps around the PNW.

01:32 – Brogan shares how much he’s enjoying the light traffic, what he had at his last trip to Alfred’s, and Scott gets the guys opinion on taking a shot of alcohol first thing in the morning. Brogan talks about Tacoma’s issue with the Navy, shares his newest favorite travel show “Somebody Feed Phil”, and Scott gives his review of the show Winning the Wilderness: Alaska.

13:28 – Justin gives his review of his trip to Anchorage last year, they discuss the size of Anchorage compared to Tacoma, and they talk about their visit to The Brass Lantern when they got together last week. Brogan welcomes his newest nephew into the world, his thoughts on Elon Musk’s child’s name, and the rumors of Bill Gates leaving limited inheritance to his children. Justin reads off a coaster question asking what is keeping Scott occupied during Covid-19, Scott reports what’s been going on in his world, and gives his review of the movie Prospect.

31:15 – Justin talks about Crossing Swards on Hulu, Brogan talks about what he’s been watching, and shares HBO’s newest streaming service. Justin and Brogan talk about what they’ve been watching on HBO, Justin gives an update on the show Clownvis, and Scott talks about weird YouTube fetish channels. They review a few of the videos, Justin shares that Steamers Seafood Café in Tacoma is closing, and Brogan shares where listeners can find the best snow crab in the area.

47:44 – Justin talks about his second time floating, the benefits he’s seen from it, and Brogan talks about his want to be shot into space after he passes. Justin shares information on an article he read about the probability of 36 different life civilizations in the universe, Brogan brings up the new show that talks about how aliens are communicating to Big Foot, and they close out discussing their plans to go camping next week.

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